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Shelly Estep

Chief Financial Officer



Shelly Estep is the Chief Financial Officer of the business consulting firm Kalorama Partners, LLC, and its law firm affiliate Kalorama Legal Services, PLLC.  Prior to joining the Kalorama firms in 2015, Ms. Estep enjoyed a decades long career in the Northeast as the financial administrator for several businesses. Before moving to Washington D.C. she served as a department Financial Coordinator at Brown University. While in Massachusetts, Ms. Estep was the Chief Financial Administrator for The Geotechnical Group engineering company and its subsidiaries.


Ms. Estep was also the sole proprietor of a decorating company focused on design and fabrication of specialty items for home interiors. Today, design and sewing are still  her favorite hobbies.  




  • New York University – Associate Arts Degree

  • University of Missouri – Bachelor of Science in Economics