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Corporate Governance

We Understand Complex Organizational Challenges. 

Post financial crisis, regulators and investors focus increased attention on corporate governance—including conflict avoidance, appropriate policies and procedures, and effective oversight. At the same time, the governance landscape is changing significantly, making “one-size-fits-all” approaches perilous. These trends are even more pronounced in Europe and Asia. To respond effectively to these trends, we assist our clients by:

  • Conducting comprehensive reviews and evaluations of corporate governance systems and policies

  • Evaluating risk exposures and risk management policies, as well as analyzing likely adverse trends

  • Assessing comparative status within industry groups

  • Establishing “fail-safe” mechanisms to encourage internal reporting of potential problem areas

  • Structuring and reviewing audit committee policies, procedures and compliance

  • Developing specialized board committees, such as qualified legal compliance committees (QLLC) and regulatory committees

  • Reviewing full board due diligence performance

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