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Additional Services

Special Internal Inquiries

Given all the risks that even the best-governed businesses confront, it is likely that a need will arise for an internal review of narrowly-identified circumstances.  To be most effective, these reviews must be conducted thoroughly, efficiently and independently. We assist our clients by facilitating special internal inquiries by:

  • Providing independent and expert teams to conduct special inquiries

  • Ensuring the scope and conduct of internal inquiries are completed on a timely basis, while minimizing invasive or disruptive effects

  • Preparing comprehensive and highly-regarded special reports, summarizing the review’s scope, outlining the conclusions reached (as well as the reasons for those conclusions), and setting forth appropriate recommendations to minimize any recurrence of the circumstances requiring the internal review

Disclosure Analysis & Review

In the face of greater emphasis on transparency, regulatory compliance, timeliness and future prospects, all business enterprises face an ever-expanding obligation to ensure that their internal systems permit the timely and effective disclosure of material events and circumstances. We assist our clients in handling their critical disclosure obligations by:

  • Assessing critical accounting policies and underlying assumptions

  • Conducting analytic reviews of disclosure discrepancies

  • Ensuring existing processes provide timely, accurate, and complete disclosure, including assisting in crafting effective disclosure strategies

  • Establishing “fail-safe” mechanisms to encourage internal reporting of potential problem areas

Investment Fund Advisory Services

Investment funds are confronted with significant systemic changes as a result of the financial crisis and the plethora of regulatory responses, including how funds manage relationships between portfolio managers, compliance personnel, and service providers, especially with respect to potential conflicts of interest. Independent mutual fund directors are under pressure, as “gatekeepers,” to develop tailored policies and procedures, valuation methodologies, and ongoing oversight. We assist public and private investment funds, and their managers, directors, and compliance personnel with:

  • Designing tailored compliance and governance structures

  • Advising on appropriate compliance and valuation policies and procedures, and the effective performance of oversight duties

  • Assisting with due diligence of third-party service providers, including their internal compliance procedures and potential conflicts of interest

  • Ensuring maximum advantages from relationships with inside and outside service providers

  • Evaluating applicable registration and licensing requirements for fund personnel, service providers and various intermediaries

  • Designing insider trading policies and social media guidelines

Kalorama Legal Services

Kalorama Legal Services is the law firm affiliate of Kalorama Partners, and assists clients on a broad range of legal issues, including those that arise in connection with Kalorama Partners' strategic business advisory services.  Kalorama Legal Services also represents government employees pro bono in agency inspector general proceedings, and provides pro bono legal and related assistance to victims of domestic abuse.

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