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We combine extensive pragmatic business and consulting experience and legal, economic, disclosure and accounting expertise, with our insiders’ knowledge of how government works and the standards regulators apply in assessing business problems and initiatives. We assist our clients in addressing novel, complex and unique issues by developing and helping them implement effective and successful strategies.Learn More

Corporate GovernanceThis is a new sentence. Post financial crisis, regulators and investors focus increased attention on corporate governance—including conflict avoidance, appropriate policies and procedures, and effective oversight. Concomitantly, the governance landscape is changing significantly, making “one-size-fits-all” approaches perilous. These trends are even more pronounced in Europe and Asia.Learn More
Crisis ManagementFor every business enterprise, the question is not whether, but when, it will be confronted by a crisis. Given the existence of instantaneous media reports, and activist shareholders, among other factors, a company’s next crisis could also be its last, if it is not prepared to handle the problem quickly and effectively. Many businesses mistakenly assume that they cannot predict their next crisis, or prepare for it, but our experience demonstrates those assumptions are inaccurate.Learn More
Compliance & Regulatory Risk ManagementRegulatory risks are more central than ever to effective risk management—both with respect to compliance risk (negative consequences that flow from failures to achieve substantial regulatory compliance), and policy risk (adverse consequences that flow from failing to anticipate, and prepare for changes in laws or regulations). Learn More

Kalorama Legal Services

Kalorama Legal Services is the law firm affiliate of Kalorama Partners, and assists clients on a broad range of legal issues, including those that arise in connection with Kalorama Partners' strategic business advisory services.
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